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In Other “LMFAO” News: Men Are Now Donning Flower Crowns …. In Their Beards


In the ever tiresome quest to be “unique”, some men of the trendy hipster (I’m assuming) phenom are now wearing those annoying crowns of flowers that you saw on every girl’s head at Cochella on, that’s right, their beards. A whole tumblr has been created devoted to sexy men and their creativity. I mean….I don’t get it but okay.

Take a look at the new craze that is Williamsburg, Brooklyn the new movement of artistic men below…

via tumblr

via tumblr

*resists urge to join in a collective point and laugh*


via tumblr

I just…what is going on here.

Fabien Verriest

via tumblr


The craze has all of the girls on the internet going crazy with heart eyed emojis and seems to be sweeping the hipster nation. We just hope we don’t see this walking down the street towards me anytime soon.

Are you here for the new wave? We won’t poke fun…too much anyway. Tell us below!

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