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The Daily Read: Put Down The Cosmetics And Get That Face Right With Some Self Esteem

“How can I look like Beyonce? What’s Conturing? Why don’t I look like Kim Kardashian?”

More often than we’d like, we are faced with the dread of having to climb out of bed and put on our “perfect” face for the day. With societal pressure and personal anxiety to always be on the top of your game whenever you leave your house, it can be a struggle to keep your confidence up – especially when you have a bunch of YouTube videos telling you 5,000 ways to get world’s most incredible mug.

All of that conturing and highlighting can’t hide a sad soul though, and this brings me to today’s daily read. Many girls (and guys) of our generation feel as if they have to be at 100% on the outside, but we tend to neglect our feelings on the inside, where I would argue that it counts the most. Finding inner peace and confidence takes more than a few strokes of an eyeliner pencil and a make up brush. If you find yourself wondering why you don’t ever feel “pretty like the rest of them”, consider letting go of the late night YouTube make up video surfing and concentrate on getting your head together. The best make up you can wear is a high self-esteem, remember that.

Today’s read comes from popular YouTube Vlogger Anna Akana, who takes on a different approach when she is tasked with the job of describing her daily make up routine. Take a look at what might be one of my favorite youtube videos ever and let us know your thoughts!


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  1. Well this is awesome

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