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Lifestyle: How to Have a One Night Stand…The Right Way

Man, it’s so hard not act reckless sometimes…

And that’s completely fine if you ask me. Your twenties are for you to act up and have fun, regardless of what “they” may think. (Carrie Bradshaw said that, write it down.)

The ever changing rules of how to be single is one of the hardest thing to navigate for our generation. From wanting to be a “good girl/guy” but having to satisfy your needs to trying to avoid judgement from others around you, it can be a tiring feat to try to conquer all of your rules. HOWEVER we over here at the Library say fuck it and do whatever the hell you want. When it comes to having a one night stand, most end up either regretting the decision or feel awkward the entire time it’s occurring. Luckily for you, I’ve complied a few short tips on to do this right. Check them out below!

Be Safe. 

Well, yeah this SHOULD go without saying obviously, but there are still some of us who are determined to make bad decisions. Winding up pregnant or with an STD isn’t as cute as the movies make it to be and can lead to a lot more problems than you first warranted. Fellas, it’s not too hot to wear a condom and ladies, it’s not okay for him to “stick it in real quick”. Don’t be an idiot and fuck around for a small minute of pleasure. Emphasis on a minute.


But when you do:


Just make sure you’re not blackout drunk so you know who you’re bringing home. There’s nothing worse to waking up to…..well you know what I mean. Otherwise you run the risk of waking up with this face on:


Make sure it is a mutual thing.

Do not have a one night stand with your friend. I repeat: DO NOT HAVE A ONE NIGHT STAND WITH YOUR FRIEND. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen great friendships ruined over a drunken sexual encounters (hell it’s happened to me too) and then lead to even more drama among a friend group. The grown up way to have a lustivity is to pick an acquaintance; someone you’ve had your eye on for awhile but you both know you’re not interested in anything more than just sex. Which leads to my next step…

Do not stick around in the morning.

And if you’re too messed up to drive home, sleep it off and get out of there quickly the next day. Sticking around after a one night stand makes for very awkward small talk, usually followed by someone trying to say “Please leave my house” in a nice way.



And finally…

Decide if it was worth the trouble. Like I said before, spending the night with a certain website dedicated to self-pleasure might be way more gratifying than having drunken sweaty, unsatisfying sex with a person you barely know. So take the time (after you’ve had your coffee to sober up) to really decide if having a one night stand is really for you. Ultimately, the single life is supposed to be dedicated to learning about yourself and to having fun meeting new people. Don’t go home the next day and start judging yourself or overthinking your decisions. You’re not a hoe. At least not to me anyway. =)


But what do I know, I’m baeless in the city. I ain’t shit.

Enjoy your lust full weekend kids and be sure to leave some tips that I missed below!

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