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The Daily Read: Why You Gotta Be So Rude? (In Restaurants)

You are what you eat. You must have ordered a rude sandwich.


I have had the displeasure of spending one month of one of the saddest summers ever working in the food service industry. During that very short period, I realized that some people have certain expectations of the food service employees. Since that time, I have encountered patrons at other restaurants being exceedingly rude to wait staff or other employees. Some of my observations:

People think you’re beneath them

If you have ever worked customer service, you know the mantra: the customer is always right. This stupid little saying has made some customers think that they are not only right, but they are entitled to treat you like crap. I was at a Sushi restaurant once and one of the patrons got super aggravated that the waitress didn’t completely understand English. The girl kept giving the waitress attitude because of the language barrier. Hey, dummy, you’re at a sushi restaurant! Do you want it to be authentic? Well, here’s an authentic person trying to help you. So have a little patience.

People think you have magical powers

Did you know that waitresses and waiters are really genies? Well, they’re not, but apparently people expect them to use magic to get them what they need. Oh, of course I can make you an antipasto pizza even though this is a burger joint. We definitely have all of the ingredients! *eye roll* If it isn’t on the menu and there truly is nothing the wait staff and kitchen can do, why make a fuss about it? Restaurants have menus for a reason: so that you know what is being offered and pick from there!

People think the wait staff makes a reasonable living without their tips

News flash people: anyone who lives off tips DEPENDS on those tips. It’s not like waiters are getting paid a nice $10 an hour and then getting tips as an added bonus; they are making below minimum wage because their tips make up the majority of their income. That being said, I understand times are tough and we can’t all be splurging on tips, but if the service was decent, you really should by tipping 15-18% (18% is standard and should be used as much as possible). If the service was mediocre, then aim for the low end (15%; 10% if you’re really bothered but come on, that’s low). If the service truly was awful, you need to speak to a manager before even getting your bill. Don’t just not tip and walk away; you’re not helping anyone in that situation. And if you happen to get a really good waitress and you can afford it, do the 20%! Maybe 25%, if you’re feeling generous. You really do make someone’s night when you tip well.


It really shouldn’t be that difficult to be courteous to people if they are doing their best to serve you. And why the hell are you being rude to someone handling your food? That is super risky, my friend.





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