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The Daily Read: Not Everyone Deserves the Privilege of Parenthood

There is a thin line between rights and privilege…

#Fact: God willing, we are all physically capable of having children as reproduction is the main reason for sustaining human life.

#Fact: Being a parent is a full-time responsibility.

#Fact: If you are unable to care for your own children, there are organizations such as adoption agencies that have lines of eager parents able and willing to take care orphaned children.

Out of simple observation, it may be argued that our generation is deciding to start their families earlier than maybe our parents would prefer.  We have started claiming dependents just little sooner than we are financially stable.  However, I’m not here to shame the young parents who are busting their asses every day to raise their children.  They are setting an example for what you do when life happens, you act appropriately and accept full responsibility.

Those who deserve the shaming are the “parents” that act more like donors. These are the individuals who fail to realize that bringing a child into this world is a privilege – not a right. There are so many people who are waiting for their chance to start a family and raise a child but cannot due to their genetics or medical conditions.  They didn’t ask for their circumstances and it is a slap in the face when they witness those who don’t value the beautiful gift of parenthood.

I truly don’t understand how anyone could bring a child into this world and not want to give him/her the absolute world? I’m not a mother yet; however, when my time comes I know I will do everything in my power to make sure my child is taken care of and happy! It breaks my heart to see children with parents who care more about their own social lives than the well-being of their offspring! Once you have a child, your life is not only yours anymore! You have a child that needs you to love, nurture and raise him/her to be a significant part of society. If not, he/she will grow up to simply be another negative statistic.

Another thing: being a good parent does not mean dressing your children in the latest name brands just because it’s “swag”, “cool” or “cute”.  At the end of the day, your child is not an accessory, so “doing it for the Gram” at all times is completely unacceptable.  Yes, we all want our children to have nice things but for God’s sake, priorities people!  For starters, you’re wasting your money on expensive designer children’s wear because there is such thing as growth spurts. Before you know it, those baby Jordan’s won’t fit and your baby may have only worn them for about two months.  Also, while your child is in his/her prime stages of development, the newest trends should not be more important than shoes that will provide the proper support necessary for your child’s growing feet.  It’s great when you have the means to spoil your children with the finer things in life, but all I’m saying is make sure the finer things in life actually matter when it comes to their health and well-being. That is what good parenting is all about.

When it comes to raising the world’s future, people truly need to go deeper than the surface level requirements and re-evaluate everything it takes to be real parent – not just one who posts their child’s picture for likes and emoji heart eyes.  Remember: your child did not ask to be here, you made this happen. So regardless of if you wish to accept it or not, life is no longer about you.  They are the most important part of your life now.  Know that and please do better before Angie and Brad swoop in and steal your thunder..



All thoughts and opinions on the topic are welcome. Please respond in the comments section below! Don’t forget to look out for tomorrow’s Daily Read.

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  1. Prettyfitmom // July 8, 2014 at 6:43 pm // Reply

    I love this…

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