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Artist of the Month: “Finding The Keys to Paradise”, featuring Matty Paradise

They say it’s the quietest ones that have the most confidence….

It’s rare in this day and age that you find a visionary in our generation, and New York seems to possess quite a few of them. But what’s perhaps the rarest to find is a person that is creative and talented, yet seems to have such a cool demeanor.

Matty Paradise, the Bronx born, Yonkers raised artist, possesses that gem that is not what you find in the traditionally hard sound that NY breeds but is able to cultivate a sound unique enough to be respected by even the most thuggish of them all.

When I sat down with the svelte creator, on a somewhat damper evening at a random Chipotle, I expected to be met by a shy demeanor. What I received instead was something of a plot twist – a charming yet bold individual whose ability to master the art of “humble bragging” surprised (and impressed) me. The intrigue that surrounded the low key artist was swelling and admittedly, I wanted to know dig up just what his seemingly quiet mind was up to.

Paradise began his musical journey during the impressionable age of 7, where he made his first encounter with the piano. “I honestly hated it”, mused the rapper as he reminisced, “My mom made me take lessons and I thought it was torture. Turned out to be extremely useful”. He admits that he wasn’t always so committed to music, unlike most of his peers, stating that he started rapping as a teen at the age of 14 and started taking his musical career seriously while studying at St. John’s University for his undergraduate degree. “I was trash at 14,” he jokes, “it took me awhile to find my footing musically.”1506669_10201165329719313_458024007_n

“Producing was always something that I was doing while in school, but I started working on my rap game a year ago,” says Paradise. “That was when I [and others] noticed that I’m actually good at this.” He attests his inspiration to the likes of his idols Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, but mostly he looks for inspiration within himself. “

And we couldn’t agree more. We first heard the rapper’s gritty-smooth sound on Wordsmiff’s “Bars Over Everything II: The Savior”, where he was featured on and executive produced the slept on track “Legendary”.Paradise admits that it was actually a bit random to see how that track came to fruition. “I didn’t know it was going to make it on to the mixtape!” he exclaimed. “That a big surprise to me and the reception was an even bigger one. We had that track out at least a year before [Bars Over Everything II] dropped. That was wild. I’m glad people are liking it.”

Playing off the success of “Legendary”, Paradise released the single, “Cubanos”, which serves as the summer single that he is currently promoting before the release of his much anticipated first mixtape “Keys to Paradise” . The project was rumored to be scheduled for release at the end of May, however minor setbacks forced Paradise to push back his intended date. “Ah, you got me on the trolling tip” jokes the rapper when I asked him about pushing his release date, “I was hoping nobody would noticed. But you know, I’m writing and producing this album by myself, along with the help of another producer and friend of mine. I want it to be perfect, and I won’t release anything that I feel is subpar.” Paradise says that most of the mixtape’s featured tracks have been in the works for at least a couple of years now, and he’s just waiting to put the “finishing touches” on the last half of the album.


So, what can we expect from the project? Simply phrased, you can expect the real Paradise. “I wanted to give the people a glimpse into my life, so you can expect a lot of it to be put on display,” says Paradise. “I’m a bit of a private and quiet guy, so I wanted to share more of me on my first mixtape.” He states that it can get a bit angry after the first song, which gives the audience a “very long glimpse” as to what they can expect. The project then delves into showcasing the artist’s musicality, offering anthem tracks such as “Varsity Champs”, “Billboards” and “For the City, From the City”, which serves up the traditionally bars mixed with the Paradise

“I’m looking to revamp the New York sound, not just repurpose what people already think it is. We set the tone and sound for music and people need to respect that. That’s what I’m trying to do with this mixtape.” says  I don’t like the stigma that these rappers get.”

Ultimately, Paradise says that the goal for his music production is bring back the NYC conglomerate, with his media entity “Royal family sound”, featuring a few upcoming singers, songwriters, and producers that are “nothing like what you’ve seen before”. “I have my boy [and co-producer] Maz on here”, says Paradise. “We honestly make some weird shit, but somehow it seems to work.” He states that he doesn’t want the audience to like the project off the bat, rather having them really listen and understand his message. “I want to be known for the music and message behind it.” he says “And if that means they hate it at first, then I’m completely okay with that.” “Don’t categorize me, because I’m way too nice at this for that” says Paradise as he flashes that cocky yet shy smile yet again.

You can look for Matty Paradise’s first mixtape, “Keys to Paradise”, to drop at the beginning of August. Paradise’s first solo single, “Cubanos” is out now! Be sure to listen and download below and to check out a video of the up and coming artist on “Fuse TV” below!




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