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Indie Bites Of Goodness: Tray Pizzy’s (@TrayPizzy) “The Truman Show” – NEW MUSIC

Bruh…BRUH!! We weren’t ready!!!

Bronx, NY native and frontman of the Broke&&Trippy conglomerate, Tray Pizzy, has released what might be the turn up EP of the summer with “The Truman Show”. The follow up to his last mixtape, “Life II Trill”, the unorthodox rapper brings the heat with “The Truman Show”, featuring some of the hardest rap music to come out of the Bronx in a long time. The project mostly entails a blend of hardcore gangsta rap music with the smooth yet rugged rhymes of Pizzy, without forgetting a little something for the ladies when you’re looking for a break from the mold.

We’ve been banging with this incredible artist for awhile now (the amount of twerking and fake thugging that’s been going on is quite embarassing to say the least…) and trust us when we say, you won’t be disappointed! Turn your speakers up to ignorant levels and check out the dope tape below! Be sure to drop a comment with your thoughts as well!

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