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The Daily Read: Why Are You Even Here? (Concert Edition)

Today, I would like to address some things that I witnessed twice this week that left me perplexed and just a tad bit irritated. I was fortunate enough to attend two AMAZING concerts over the past couple of days: Bruno Mars and the On the Run Tour with Beyonce and Jay Z. I don’t know about you, but I think those are some pretty HUGE names in music right now. Exciting, right? Apparently, not to everyone.


Ticket prices for concerts these days are pretty damn steep for most artists. Hell, you are lucky to even get tickets with how quickly things sell out. So why, for the love of Kanye, are people SITTING DOWN at these shows if they are not physically impaired?! And I’m not talking “Oh, my feet hurt, let me just take a seat real quick!” No, there were people SITTING for long periods of time, not even watching! THEY WERE ON FACEBOOK! REALLY?! FACEBOOK?! If you are going to be so into social media at a concert, at least let it be Instagram.

You may be wondering why I even care what these people are doing at the concert. It’s none of my business, right? Well when I am twerking my buns off and the girl next to me is sitting down updating her Facebook status and shooting me dirty looks, I get a little perturbed. Oh, excuse me for doing what you’re supposed to do at a concert! Did my ass shaking interrupt you stalking your ex? My bad. Maybe I should just sit down. Take a load off. Ignore the fireworks and the dancers and everything. So overrated.


Guys, if you pay money to go to a concert, try to actually enjoy yourself. Also, if you win tickets to a concert and you think the artist is just meh, can you just pretend to be having a good time? That way the people dancing next to you won’t become a nuisance.

If you are going to sit down all night like a Debbie Downer, why are you even here?

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