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Music: Fourth Of July Weekend Playlist – Throwback Edition!

America’s most celebrated holiday is almost near, which brings pool parties, tiny bikinis, questionably jungle juice, amazing food and beautiful fireworks. What holiday are we speaking of? Well, Independence Day of course! The holiday festivities begin on Friday, July 4 and wrap up on Sunday the 6th. There’s no question that our readers (as well as us librarians) will be hopping from every barbecue and house party, as well as throwing some get-togethers ourselves.

So in the spirit of the holiday, I am here to provide you the ultimate Fourth of July weekend playlist. But being the infamously nostalgic person I am, I couldn’t throw together any ‘ole list. This playlist focuses on favorite summer anthems from the early 2000s, from Dancehall giants like Sean Paul and Beenie Man to R&B sweethearts like Amerie and Ashanti.

So crack open that Corona with lime, put on your suntan lotion and turn up this throwback playlist – curated on Spotify!

Honorable Mention (Spotify did not have this…womp):

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