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The Daily Read: Mind Your Aura

Have you ever had a day where you woke up happy, got dressed all nice, had a good breakfast, and then got to work or school and the ish just hit the fan? *Raises Hand* If you have, take a second and reflect on what happened that day to make you go from happy to livid. In a lot of cases, you can pinpoint one interaction with someone that pissed you off, and you carried that energy for the rest of the day. Why is this the case? Because attitudes are contagious, my friends!

Folks, I’m here today to read you on your aura: the energy that surrounds you that let’s others read your vibes. Sounds totally new wave and hippie, but these things exist. There have been scientific studies with thermal imaging cameras that can detect changes in the energy around you. For instance, when you are angry, your energy will look different than when you are happy. I’m not making this stuff up!


Some people are more sensitive to auras than others. I, for instance, can walk into a room and instantly know if I am in for a bad day. Other people are completely effing clueless. To mitigate the effect your aura will have on people around you, I offer my humble suggestions to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Know that most people don’t give a damn about your problems if they are solely your problems.

I hate to break it to you, honey, but if you are having problems at home, keep it at home. I understand if there is something truly traumatic happening in your life, you will carry it with you no matter where you are. But if you are having problems with your significant other not taking the trash out and you argued about it last night, no one cares. Take that negative energy and allow yourself only five minutes in the morning to be all “whoa is me.” If you still need to vent, there’s a magical place called outside. Or the break room. Or SOMEWHERE THE HELL ELSE. Go to this place, text your favorite friend, vent your little heart out, pull it together, and come back with your aura in check. Don’t give me your negativity because your pets are misbehaving. I have not an ounce of time for the foolishness.

If the problem does involve the people around you, don’t make it worse.

Did someone not get something done? Is your co-worker late again? Things happen, but the angrier you get about them, the worse your day will be. Think about it: if someone snaps at you over a mistake, aren’t you just a wee bit likely to get defensive and then become angry too? Chances are that the answer is yes. So don’t do that to other people! There are ways to address issues without making the entire mood of your environment go down south. Once you give attitude to that one person, a chain reaction will make a lot of people pissy. No one wants that. Positive vibes only (or at least neutral, if you can manage it).

Offense is your best defense.

If you are in the opposite position (i.e. in a fabulous mood, thank you) and someone floats around you with an attitude worthy of Mariah Effing Carey, the first thing you need to know is that this person’s aura is out to get you. That ball of negativity in the air is more contagious than swine flu, and if you’re not prepared, it may get you too. The first thing you need to do is to NOT get defensive if anyone cops a tude. If there is really no reason for someone to be snapping at you, know that the other person’s mood is out of whack due to something completely unrelated to you. Oh, you’ll get angry for a second, but let it roll off. When someone serves you a reckless attitude, always be cordial in response. Keep it together. Once you are calm, your energy is calming, and it (most of the time) will help to ease the other person’s harshness. Kill them with kindness, so to speak.

Distract yourself.

Did you know that even by forcing yourself to smile, your brain releases a bit of tension, enhancing your mood? If you’re in a cage of angry birds, free yourself with a distraction. Walk away and do something happy for a little bit and come back. Otherwise, those angry birds will induct you into their cult. DO NOT BE A PART OF THEIR CULT.


Basically, just mind your Ps and Qs and your damn attitude. And don’t let people’s attitudes get the best of you. Eat some candy or think about the ocean or something. I’m not here for you to ruin my Zen.





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