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The Daily Read: #StopThirstShaming2014

At one point in time we are all guilty of calling someone who was interested in us the lovely term, “thirsty.”  In the moment it may have been an accurate description as there are plenty of desperate people out there. But let’s be real, after you blew that “thirsty” individual off, they probably got the hint and ceased all communications.  In reality, they really weren’t all that desperate and it could have been a lot worse.

Yes, there are those excessive individuals that make life really uncomfortable; however, as a generation we’ve gotten into the habit of writing off anyone who looks at us too long as a frenzied creep. PSA: Everyone in the world is NOT Darrel!


We’ve got to do better.  I mean, would you prefer your hour of primping in the morning to go unnoticed? I’m just saying…

Not everyone is that thirsty pervert who is only trying to get in your pants! While there are many out there, some people are just nice and genuinely interested in you. We have to stop thirst shaming the authentic people out there that have acknowledged their attraction to you and would like to develop a real connection.  That is what life is all about – connecting with people! It’s time we go back to the basics and actually give people a chance before writing them off and deeming them crazy for giving a simple compliment.  You’re not accepting a wedding proposal! God forbid you actually have a pleasant conversation with this person!

So, they don’t really do it for you? There doesn’t have to be a mutual initial attraction for you to be decent person. Does it really take that much to simply remain polite, say “it was nice meeting you”, and go about your life. Trust me, there is a nice way to let someone know that you are not interested.  Being rude just makes you look well, ugly.



Social media and screen-shots have made “exposing thirst” a new past time.  My favorite is the girl who loves exposing the thirst of her inbox but complains about being single as hell! Reality check: if you didn’t screenshot private conversations, maybe people would be able to trust you! Yes, you are pretty and yes, many men may flock to you but stop being so trifling!


Why does anyone post a picture online now-a-days? For likes and comments, right? But when someone likes another person’s picture they risk being called out because I guess that makes them look desperate…? It is all just a big mess. It seems as though its turned into a challenge as to who can care the least but receive the most love.  Childish.  If someone is interested in me, I want him to be real and show it.  What’s the point if I have to play the guessing game?

Before this becomes too ranty, I’m going to wrap it up by saying that showing genuine interest does not make you thirsty! It shows you care which is what everyone is looking for – people who truly care! So, if we could put an end to the thirst shaming I think we would actually show some type of maturity and growth within our generation…but that’s not my business, right?


Don’t miss out on tomorrow’s read. 🙂

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