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The Daily Read: Age Does Not Reflect Maturity

Let’s just put this out there…

I am an old soul by nature.  I know way more songs from the 50s and 60s than I would like to admit to and sometimes I have an easier time talking to people who are twice my age. While I truly enjoy going out with my friends, sometimes I really do feel like on the inside I am way too old for the shenanigans. The older I get the closer I feel I am reaching my internal age of a ripe 45 years old.  The perks of being in my twenties are great, however its even better knowing that with each year I am adding notches of wisdom to my belt.

With that being said, not many people live their lives with the purpose of growth and development.  Instead, they think that maturity is a birthright that will just come to them. So, for them it is completely justified to walk around with their head in the clouds – or their ass – because in their eyes their age and maturity go hand-in-hand.  WRONG. One of the biggest life lessons I have learned so far is that your age in years does not always reflect lessons learned from life experiences. It’s hard to believe, but there are a few standards you must meet in order to be considered a mature adult.  We all have seen plenty people approaching their half-century mark and still running around like jackasses because they have never taken time to learn from their mistakes and be humble – setting prime examples of what NOT to do.

I believe that 95% of what makes you a mature adult is being able to [wo]man-up and take responsibility for your actions – right or wrong.  There is nothing worse than seeing a grown person point the finger.  That’s such child’s play and its so far from attractive.  It may bruise your ego a little bit but that is another opportunity to learn how to bounce back from said bruised ego – ask D.howe, she can tell you about bruised egos.

Not owning up to your actions will not only cast you in a bad light, but after a while you will start to realize that a lot of the people you used to call “friends” don’t come around anymore.  The latter could be a result of one of two things: they don’t want to be around you because you are constantly acting like a child; or due to your childish ways you have felt the need to cut them off because you would rather deflect attention from your wrongs in the situation.

Example: Jack and Jill are in a relationship but Jack is not faithful to Jill.  Jack’s friend Mary has developed a friendship with Jill and is aware of Jack’s wandering eyes but decides to keep quiet.  Mary expresses her desire for Jack to respect Jill but when the relationship ends Jack blames Mary for ruining everything and Mary is cut off.  

Now, in the above example Jack was in the wrong. Neither Mary nor Jill. While we do not know the full details to Jack and Jill’s relationship, along with the failed relationship, Mary receives the short-end of the stick and a friendship is lost. Had Jack been a mature adult, he would not blame Mary for ruining a relationship that she had nothing to do with.  When the act of deflecting ceases, it is much easier to witness your own fault at-hand rather than trying to reveal all the ways in which someone else was responsible.

When dealing with immature people, they will appear in different forms and situations – it does not always have to involve feuding lovers. Immaturity has no demographic.

Example: Bill’s life is not exactly going the way he wants.  Rather than buckle down and focus on a plan for improvement, Bill blames his trials and tribulations on outside elements, never admitting that he just hasn’t had the right approach.

There is no doubt that taking responsibility for your actions is definitely emotionally challenging, however that is just another aspect of adulthood – sometimes doing things you don’t really want to do.  It makes you a better person, much more respected and people will actually like the mature adult you have become. Ultimately, life is all about living and constantly learning.  Walking around as if you know it all or have no faults leaves very little room to learn and grown. Just ask yourself, do I really want to be that person who is 55 still operating with the same mentality from your explorative 20s? Didn’t think so.


And there you have it folks!  Be on the look-out for tomorrow’s Daily Read! 🙂


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