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The Daily Read: What To Do When You’re In The Slumps Of Twenty-SomethingVille

Seems like we’re all living life under the upperhand, doesn’t it?

“Do you have any plans after graduation? Do you have your career figured out yet? Are heading to grad school? How long do you plan to work at the retail job?” 

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I’ve now passed all of the major milestones – 16, 18, 21 – and every year now is just making me feel older. The hips don’t work, my metabolism has slowed down tremendously, and I’m pretty sure I’m going through some form of menopause already. I’m just growing out now instead of growing up. There doesn’t seem to be a next stage or clear path. No one can tell me the right answers. Cue the melodramatic thematic music and ugly cry.

Most of us believe that we have to compare ourselves to our peers and our parents expectations of what’s next for us. Yes, everyone might expect you to be the next Barack Obama within 5 months of graduation, or conversely they might expect you to sit on your ass and mooch off your parents. This is where most of your stress is stemming, from the immense pressure you are putting yourself to be great within an unjustly small amount of time. Tell the world, and your subconscious, to shut entirely the fuck up and you Naomi Campbell your way through the way you see fit. I promise you it’s much more fulfilling and requires a lot less day drinking.

There is some kind of beauty of  not knowing what comes next, or so they say. But I’m determined to find it. Go into this next chapter and think of all of things you get to do because you have no restraints. Most of the time you put those rules there to guard yourself because of fear. Go. Leap.You’ve been on a specific track since birth and now you don’t have to stay on it. Move to a city and never look back and do all of those things that you thought only happened in the movies. Though you may be stressed out and this may be the most hectic time of your life, you can still find the beauty in enjoying life’s uncertainties. So go out and enjoy this beautiful Sunday afternoon, full of drunkeness and stupidity. You’ll figure it out soon enough!

And if that doesn’t work, then just watch our vine of the week and laugh it off or something. I don’t know, I’m just as confused as you are.

See you tomorrow with the next Daily Read! Tootles!


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