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Sunday Funday: 5 Summer Drinks To Fill Your Funday

Summer Sundays call for a good BBQ or two. Spice up this Sunday Funday with five of my favorite beers/ciders/drinks of the moment!

1. Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy

summer shandy


Do you like lemonade? Oh, you do? And do you like beer? You do! Well then, do I have a little bottle of heaven for you! Leineinkugel’s Summer Shandy is literally like summer in a bottle. Think of this as an alcoholic Arnold Palmer. Not the person, the drink, you silly!


2. Redd’s Strawberry Ale


A lot of people are already hip to Redd’s Apple Ale, but did you know there was a strawberry version as well? This play on a hard cider is not overwhelmingly sweet and doesn’t have a strong “ale” taste to it. It’s perfect for chilling out by the pool. Or by the AC you wish was a pool. Whatever works for you.


3. Myx Fusions


If you can find a store selling Myx Fusions, please, purchase one! If you like moscato, you will love these moscatos infused with fruit. It’s like a moscato cooler of sorts, which is all I need to know to be convinced. Also, Nicki Minaj is the spokesperson, if you need even more convincing.


4. Budweiser Mangorita


Say what you want about Budweiser’s Rita line, but the mango version screams summer. The classic lime and strawberry are great as well. Pour this sucker over some ice, and you are golden. And tipsy. And happy.


5. Parrot Bay Frozen Pouches


I am all about convenience. There is nothing more convenient (and lazy, in a great way) than Parrot Bay Frozen Pouches! It’s a mixed drink, all delicious and ready to go once you take it out the freezer (buy these early because they do take a while to freeze). You can even buy them in party size for your next cookout!

I helped you all out with these suggestions. Do me a solid and invite me to your cookout. Thanks! (At least save me a plate!)


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