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Travel News: Over 41 Million People Expected to Travel for 4th of July

You weren’t the only one who planned to get away next weekend!

If you have any travel plans for this 4th of July weekend, make sure you are prepared to be amongst the masses of other holiday travelers. Get your favorite playlists ready kids because you will find yourself sitting in loads of traffic!


According to the AAA auto club, this year the holiday is predicted to inspire over 41 million travelers, close to 2% more than last years 40.3 million. While we used to looked forward to neighborhood BBQs and local fireworks, with the 4th falling on a Friday this year, its an easy excuse for a three-day weekend get-away for many. I mean, why not?!

All the travel talks sounds fine and dandy until your gas light comes on. With 85% traveling via car and gas prices close to $4 a gallon…an easy buzzkill is in the horizon.  But as responsible adults, we’ve planned ahead and budgeted out money that will go towards gas.. right? Regardless, don’t let the massive traffic jams and outlandish gas prices change your feelings toward your long weekend of patriotic fun! After all, this is ‘Murica!




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