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Lifestyle: 7 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Zumba Class

1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and tuck your tummy tight in, do our crunches like this…

Summer is finally here after what was one of the worst winters of our generation.  So yeah a storm a day kept you cooped up inside with your Half Baked ice cream and Netflix so now you’re in over drive to look like you’re the hottest thing under the sun.  What’s a better way to get in shape than by taking a Zumba class?  Zumba is the hottest cardio workout that incorporates Capoeira and different dance styles. Here’s 7 reasons why you should partake and get yourself looking right for yourself, nosey family members, and of course..bae.

1. Cardio

When you do cardio, you are burning the most calories.  You don’t want to consider this workout weight loss but fat loss.  You are using every muscle in your body to execute the dance routine that your instructor probably made up on the spot.  You’re moving fast, sweating, and learning about new parts of your body you didn’t think you used.


2. Fun
Who wants to be bored when you workout? Certainly not me.  Life on the treadmill and elliptical can be monotonous.  If you’re like me, your ADD kicks in and you’re looking at the clock every 5 seconds or you start counting how many steps you’re taking.  Grab a friend and go to Zumba and enjoy yourself, stop looking at that clock.


3. Great way to improve dance moves
So you go out and party every weekend but your dance skills are subpar.  Take a Zumba class and i guarantee you will be the center of attention at the next mixxy event.  Dance battle that person that’s always showing out in the circle using the new moves you’ve learned.  Ladies, your tweak game will increase, trust me on this.


4. Toning

Like when you lift weights, you are toning your body.  Unless you aspire to really be a body builder no one wants to have broad shoulders and muscles popping out their neck.  This will keep you trim and sleek at just the perfect shape.


5. Relieves stress/anger

You had a long day at work?  Babysitter pissed you off again?  You’re stressed about life period?  Zumba will help you take your mind off reality for at least an hour.  Your body will produce endorphins that make you “happy”.  Release the pent up energy in those dance moves.


6. Stimulates your mind
Concentrating on getting dance steps works out your brain.  Unless you do dance everyday, you are working a different part of your brain that keeps you creative.  The brain enjoys memorizing and repeating things over and over again so that it stays with you.  Help it out a bit.


7. Just Do It

Try something new.  Go out there and meet new people and enjoy yourself.  Everyone is in the class for the same end goal and that is to be healthy.

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