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Sports News: USA vs. Germany in FIFA World Cup

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It’s kind of a big deal…

Since the beginning of the tournament, it seems as though you cannot walk into any establishment that has a television without the channel being fixed on the current FIFA World Cup games. Yesterday, I was even in the nail salon watching Switzerland defeat Honduras!  I may not have been paying much attention in previous years, but this year more than ever, it feels as though people are really into these matches and they cannot get enough!  I could never really call myself a die-hard soccer fan, but I love sports and I definitely appreciate and respect the hard-work and sheer stamina these men have to play a full game! Also, they aren’t too bad to look at.. but that’s besides the point.

If you haven’t been keeping up, make today the day that you give it a try – you may be surprised at how exciting it is!  Grab a few friends and some cold beers and get the viewing party started!  Today at noon, The United States are playing against Germany.  Now, that may sound dull to the non-sports fans reading this, but according to many sources including Steve Goff of the Washington Post, this game is a big deal for many reasons!

For starters, with both teams currently at four-point each, this game will determine the Group G champion and whether the Americans will move on to the round of 16.  Goff mentions other major subplots to the game including the fact that U.S Coach Jurgen Klinsmann will be “facing his homeland – a country for which he won a World Cup title as a player and coached to the semifinals.” And let’s not forget to mention the U.S players with strong German ties — four German-born and one German-raised — that will be facing a team they’ve followed since they can remember.  Oh America, you are truly a melting pot! The list goes on and on but the moral of the story is, this game is huge!

Emotional subplots aside, with a victory, the Americans would advance to play the Group H runner up (Russia or Algeria) in Porto Alegre on Tuesday. And with another tie on their books, they would fall second to Germany and travel to Salvador to likely face Belgium.  A loss would get pretty complicated as the results of Ghana v. Portugal determine the future status and advancement of the U.S.

I must say I’d love to see the Americans advance, but I cannot get my hopes up and ignore the fact that the Germans are undefeated so far! It will be a close call for sure. So, today at noon will you be tuning in for this exciting match? Who will you be rooting for?


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