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Entertainment: A Look Back on 5 of Michael Jackson’s Classic Hits

On June 25, 2009 our hearts broke.

It’s no secret that Michael Jackson was and continues to be one of the most influential artists of our time. From artists like Chris Brown to Usher you can see remnants of Michael’s dance moves, fashion, and style in their work.

It’s been 5 years since our beloved King of Pop (and my older bae) was called home. On this anniversary we’ve decided to share with you 5 of our favorite Michael Jackson songs. Of course there are so many more, but enjoy these and let us know what songs you enjoyed from this iconic legend.

5. Rock With You
Such a classic feel good song to grab your special someone and hit that mean two step.  Michael incorporated sounds not typical to “pop” and wasn’t afraid to make music to make you feel good.  The song starts out sultry with “girl close your eyes, let the rhythm get into you…” it just makes you feel like your bae is wrapping there arms around you  ready to sway to the music, or maybe that’s just me.

4. PYT
Michael loved the women and women loved him. He was all about making you feel good. What woman doesn’t love to hear compliments? Michael told every woman in the world that they were a Pretty Young Thang and he wants to love them. Yes Michael here for that and you.

3. Billie Jean

This song might just be the GOAT of all baby momma drama songs.  Before there was Maury there was common sense. MJ obviously had a little bit of it to let us know, you’re not gonna try and trap him with no baby heffa.  Throughout MJ’s career he often referenced this menacing Billie Jean character that always had something to say.  Michael talked about how they met and how she was a fast one but somehow he got trapped.  Tap dance on those lights through this Michael.

2. You Rock My World
Every time I hear this song I think of Rush Hour and the music video. I believe this was where Michael started to make more music to grasp the younger generation. The intro to the song can get any person in a good mood listening to MJ and Chris Tucker goof off about bagging a girl. JIMONE!

1. Wanna Be Starting Something
This has to be my favorite MJ tune because it’s super shady and reads all of us. Even though this song was made in 1982, you can still apply the lyrics to today’s life issues.
Two of my favorite lyrics from the song get the MVP trophy for shady lyrics.

“Billie Jean is always talking when nobody else is talking telling lies and rubbing shoulders so they called her mouth a motor..”

Or my favorite line “if you can’t feed your baby, then don’t have a baby..”

Bonus: Privacy
Privacy is such a slept on song from the Unbreakable album. Michael was definitely ahead of his time on this track giving us a rugged vibe and hip hop beat. Michael had no shame reading everyone that ever had anything negative to say to him. This song encompasses basically what every celeb has thought about the media and their private lives.

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