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Breaking News: Boko Haram Kidnaps Another 91 People in Northeastern Nigeria

Bring back our women and children.

Associated Press is reporting that Islamic extremists have kidnapped 60 more girls and women as well as 31 boys from villages in northeast Nigeria. Witness, Aji Khalil said the auctions took place Saturday in the village of Kummabza. He states four villagers were killed.

There is no way to confirm these kidnappings from a safe location, due to the procurement of protection the military state has failed to provide from the extremists. A local senior councilor from the village’s Damboa government anonymously confirmed the kidnappings did in fact occur. However, the Damboa council secretary, Modu Mustapha, could not confirm or deny the reports.

This new string of abductions add to the previous crisis where 261 girls were kidnapped from their schools. Nigeria’s military know where these children and women are being held but are afraid their abductors will kill them if military action is taken.

The upcoming elections in Februray 2015 have distracted many from what is actually going on with these abductions.  First Lady, Patience Jonathan believe that the kidnappings in April were fabricated to make her husband’s administration look incompetent. However, a presidential committee investigating the kidnappings stressed last week that they did in fact happen and clarified the number of students who have been kidnapped.

Boko Haram has two strategies: bombing in cities and a scorched earth policy. So far, the Capitol of Nigeria, Abuja, Jos, and the northeastern state Capitol, Maiduguri have all been subject to the bombings. The attacks have become more frequent; leaving about 2,000 people killed within a year, compared to 3,600 victims in the past four years.

To read more and stay up to date on what’s going on in Nigeria click on over to ABC News.

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