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Lifestyle: Five Ways to Transition from the Weekend

It’s summer, and your weekends are progressively becoming more fun as the weather heats up. After all of the advances in science and technology, mankind has somehow not found a cure for the Monday blues or a way to eliminate this unnecessary torture altogether. To ease your pain by a small margin, I offer you five ways to get into a groove for your work week.

1. Play music in the shower.

shower singin

Trust me, it is a whole lot easier to transition into the work week if you are slightly turnt up from the jump. Think about it: how much more fun would your day be if you started with just a little bit of ratchet? I suggest some form of 2 Chainz or maybe even Lil’ Jon, if you’re up to it. This small kickstart to your day may just prevent an eye roll to your boss in the afternoon. This tip may save your job. You’re welcome.

2. Dress to impress.

ru paul

Now, I am not saying you need to wear a suit, but looking good on a Monday lays the blueprint for the rest of the week. If you look and feel tired, your co-workers will side-eye you and ask if you had a rough weekend. Do yourself a favor and pull together a nice outfit. You’ll thank me when you are getting compliments and not being asked if you’re feeling well. Since people seriously don’t realize when they’re being insulting, let’s just avoid it.

3. Eat a good lunch.


Please, for the love of Yeezus, do not start some type of crazy diet on Monday because you binged on Sunday. Be smart about what you are eating, but don’t deprive yourself. No one wants to be around your cranky butt because you decided to eat three raisins and an almond instead of putting some protein on your plate. Remember: start the week cranky and you’ll have bad hanky panky. That’s an actual saying, I promise.

4. Take a break.


Mondays are typically busy, but it’s always good to peel yourself away from your desk for a second to breathe or read your favorite blog (it’s, right?). The deeper you get into your work, the less likely you are to be able to dig yourself out. You know that exhausted feeling you get around 3 PM? That’s called burnout. Chill the heck out and take a walk, will ya?!

5. Remember that you’re one day closer to Friday.


I’m not going to lie, the weekend is where it’s at! Be productive and happy so that the work week flies by. That way you will be free to flourish at 4:59 Friday and feel good about it. Save me a cocktail, please?


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