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The Daily Read: It’s Okay To Be An Asshole…Sometimes

You’re an idiot.

Like a really major, dumbass of an idiot. Yes, trust me, I know, because I’m an idiot as well and have made my fair share of TREMENDOUS mistakes.

The need to be perfect and live your life in this facade of greatness is something that most people our age struggle to deal with.We tend to bury our problems with noise, clouding our minds and thus leading to us making more mistakes on top of the ones that we’ve already made. Drinking, smoking, eating, (or whatever your vice) your feelings away won’t do the trick. But kids, I’m here to tell you today that is absolutely okay to be an idiot. Especially at this time in our lives. Allow me to help you move past your immaturities and help you grow up a bit.

Stemming from personal experience, I know what it’s like to really FUCK up and not know how to bounce back from it. From being put on academic probation to making an ass out of myself when I was either drunk or angry (or both), I understand the feeling of being so embarrassed by yourself that you just do more dumb shit. Because at this point, what else you got to lose, right?

The only way to get rid of those horrible, “nobody understands me so I’m just gonna sit here and get high and give up on life” feelings is to forgive yourself and realize that it’s perfectly okay to be an asshole sometimes. When you do come to that realization, do everything in your power not to make the same mistake again. And if you do, pick yourself up and get right back on the horse until you get it right. Life is about making choices and how you get back up from your downfalls. Like I said in my other daily read, you can choose to go down a road of being a bigger person and admitting your faults, or you can continuously put blame on others and be as petty as the rest of the people around you. Truth be told though, the world has enough depression to last several lifetimes — there’s no need to add to it.

So, I know you’re sitting there rolling your eyes, because all of this has been said to you before and never been done that easily. And by no means am I the poster girl for everything positive. But trust me when I say this is the best way to get your damn life together. Remove those in your life that bring you to a negative and destructive level and DO NOT feel bad about it. Silence your phone and bring a little bit of piece to your mind. Delete your twitter and IG and adapt a new persona if you have to. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that it soothes your soul and brings you happiness. Sure, there will always be someone who will do their best to remind you of your past and bring you down, but that’s where your strength comes in. Be one with yourself and remember your virtue and I promise, you will have all that your heart desires.


Go ahead and own up to being an asshole and clear your loud ass conscious kids. As long as you learn from your mess ups, let go of your pride, and push forward with good in your heart, you’re all set to be a better person tomorrow.

Or you can continue to be an asshole and wind up becoming the victim of a twitter roast. Whatever.

Are you a former dickhead that’s found inner peace? Hit us up in the comments and tell us your story!

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