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Lifestyle: The Perils of Blogger Worship

Let me begin with a contradiction. Not one single blogger has the correct answers for you. And I am 100 percent right about this.


But before you start thinking I’m a pretentious jerk, hear me out!

Many of us are guilty of turning to the internet and blogs for advice on anything: from love, to fashion, to what is the best breakfast cereal (the answer, of course, is Barbara’s Puffins, but I digress). My guilty blogging pleasure happens to be natural hair.

i like yo hair

Here’s the story: three years ago, I decided to stop relaxing my hair. Cold turkey. I know, it was rough. I had my cravings for the creamy crack every so often, and I would turn to natural hair blogs to encourage me to keep my curls. The women who write these blogs are fabulous, to say the least; their hair stories and photos made me aspire to having freeflowing curls that flourished in the wind.

beyonce hair

Fast forward to three months ago, when I started to notice my hair getting brittle. I was starting to get what I call “spider knots”: little tangles at the ends of my hair that were impossible to get out without ripping out my hair. Scared as hell that I was going to go bald within the next few months, I turned to my natural hair sisters.

nappy hait

Green tea. Apple cider vinegar. Honey. Avocado. Every damn oil under the sun. Nope, nothing worked. I was becoming more and more frustrated, and my curly goddesses were not helping.

On the eve of what I had planned on being a big chop day (read: I was about to cut all my hair off, which took years to grow out), I remembered this one product that had done my hair VERY good for the first two years of being natural. I had actually stopped using it because some hair bloggers HIGHLY recommended stuff I could find in my kitchen over the more expensive store brands. I decided to delay the shearing until I tried my last desperate attempt at saving my hair.

Well, thank GOD I waited! The next day, I went to Sephora. When I got home, I crossed my fingers and SLATHERED the product in my hair. I am not lying when I tell you that the second this stuff touched my hair, I immediately knew it had worked. I literally cried tears of joy because I didn’t have to cut my hair off!

yes lawd

What the hell does this have to do with the blatant contradiction that began this little anecdote? Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke! Only YOU know yourself and your body and what works for you! Sure, it’s helpful to get ideas from blogs. But it’s never necessary to stop using or doing something because, in someone else’s “expert” opinion, what you’re doing/using isn’t good enough. Not true! Unless you know something isn’t working for you from your own experience, then keep the tried and true. And if you happen to come across something on a blog you also want to try, do it up! But no one will know what works better than you.

This does not apply to just hair products. I know a girl who was on an amazing journey to become healthier, and when she read on blogs that no healthy person eats gluten, she stopped. And her replacement foods were not as healthy as they seemed, undoing all the hard work she had put in in the first place! She stopped doing what worked based on someone else’s experience, and it ended up causing more harm than good.

So my advice to you is that there isn’t a single person who knows you like you, and as helpful as they are, bloggers don’t have all the answers, Sway! No one has your body, your life, or your you-ness. Find the healthy options that work for you and love them!



2 Comments on Lifestyle: The Perils of Blogger Worship

  1. The struggles of the natural hair journey! I’ve accepted that I will never be Naptural85 and I’m okay with it.

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