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Complete Hilarity: #OITNB Star Uzo Aduba ‘Leaked’ Audition Tape Is Amazing


“Orange Is The New Black” breakout star Uzo Aduba continues to prove why she and the show are such a hit. The actress, who plays Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren in the Netflix sensation, shows us that she actually didn’t plan on auditioning for the wild eyed inmate and that she could play just about any part in the series. From Alex’s incessant whining while using the “F-Bomb” to Poussey need to tell everyone her name is french, Aduba nails every role in this hilarious Funny or Die spoof.

This could be a one-woman show, and we’d still watch. Check out the vid below!

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1 Comment on Complete Hilarity: #OITNB Star Uzo Aduba ‘Leaked’ Audition Tape Is Amazing

  1. Biff Webster // June 12, 2014 at 10:54 am // Reply

    Hey my name is Biff Webster. Your site is cool and all. I just wish there was a section where movies, restaurants, tv shows, diners, and just about everything were reviewed by three hilarious, clever, original, stunning, entertaining individuals who know what the people want to read. This site needs three guys that can review something in a way most people can understand. Like if they would bend a knife the more they liked something… instead of using stars as a ranking system.. they should use bent knives. That would be amazing



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