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Guilty Pleasures: “Pretty Little Liars” & Why You Hate to Love Them!

It feels like its been too long since I’ve had my Tuesday night fix of my favorite liars.

Devoted fan of the ABC Family hit show “Pretty Little Liars”? Absolutely.  Shamelessly approaching your mid-twenties? You got it. Excited for the Summer premiere airing tonight? Can’t wait!

While I can’t seem to get enough of the show, I can’t ignore the fact that it is maybe the most inaccurate depiction of the lives of American high school students.  Yes,  I said high school. We must not forget that these absolutely gorgeous grown women are playing high schoolers! Why don’t we take a look at the various reasons we hate to love this horribly addicting show…

1) Forever slaying all your favorites.  

My senior year of high school I was voted “Best Dressed.” Accomplishment right? I thought so.  Now, I definitely knew how to pull together an outfit in high school but I absolutely, positively, was NOT dressing like these girls!  I mean, every day seems to be a fashion show for the Liars.  Take a snapshot of any high school hallway across America and I guarantee it will not look anything like this.  Just remembering how early I had to wake up for school makes me cringe at how early the Liars must have to wake up to primp! At the end of the day it just works and they look great!  Kudos to the show’s Costume Designer, Mandi Line – a creative genius!



I must say Hannah Marin takes the cake for outfit slayage. She dresses for the Fashion Gods! YAAS!



2) Parenting..?

There is so much to say about the parenting slash the lack-there-of that takes place on this show.  Half of the crazy that occurs is a direct result of failed and nonexistent parenting.  It seems as though anytime there is any disciple, the Liars always find a way around it and get into more trouble. Sometimes I can only shake my head and roll my eyes.  If I ever even considered, for a second, that it would be okay to defy my parents and do what I wanted…? Lord knows I would be picking myself up off the floor! Every time. Between having their own messy lives of debauchery and not setting standards and curfews, these parents are definitely setting a great example of “What Not to Do When You Have Children.”


Yes, Mrs. Hastings, I’m talking about you.

3) Curiousity killed the Cat. Remember that. 

It never fails. The Liars are always courageously curious when they really need to just about-face and go home.  I don’t know about you, but if my town has lost – on-average – 3 people a year to a crazed, masked murderer, who has yet to be captured, AND has full coverage and knowledge of you and your friends whereabouts, I’m not investigating through anyone’s woods! Y’all don’t hear me thou! That crack of the branch or rustle of leaves will be noted and I’m taking my ass home! I don’t even want to know who or what is in the woods with me  because I need to be busy doing my homework or studying for the SATS. Which brings me to my next point…




4) Homework?

Simply put: all the Liars should have failed out of high school a long time ago. I don’t understand how Spencer has the “smart girl” label because they never actually complete their homework.  Whenever we see them “busy” studying, it is either just a cover-up for sharing new leads and information or quickly interrupted for the next adventure. None of them have figured out a way to politely decline an invitation to develop their investigations.  At some point, the Liars need to start taking their grades a little bit more seriously than responding to anonymous text messages because, college won’t be as simple!



5) “A” has way too much time on his/her hands.

The hate that “A” has for the Liars is deeply rooted and way too intense for my liking. For the most part, the Liars are fairly innocent and extremely naive. But evidently they did something to piss “A” off because his entire purpose in life is to ruin theirs.  Wow! To be that important to someone… Anyways, it just seems to be a lot more extensive than a computer hacker whose feelings were hurt.



6) All of this could be avoided if they just moved.

I don’t condone running from your problems, HOWEVER, when someone is going around terrorizing your town — I think its time to consider moving.  Just a suggestion. I must be the weirdo because at no point in the series does anyone mention picking up and moving. I understand it would kill any chance for a storyline but realistically, at a certain point – enough is enough! This is just another way that good parenting would come into play, that courageous spirit would be used for good, and the Liars would actually have time to focus on passing their classes.. crazy, I know.



All the unrealistic aspects aside, the show is great and I absolutely cannot wait until 8pm tonight to see what the Liars will get themselves into!


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  1. I knew I needed a platform for your molding of the deer.

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