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The Daily Read: Use The Good Sense Ya Mama Gave You and Treat People Better

Us millennials are really something else, I’ll tell you that.

I know most of us are all perfect little 20-somethings that run around with our perfect jobs using the degree that was paid for with a full scholarship to a top tier school. I know most of us have him(s)/her(s), live in cute apartments overlooking the city and own only the most adorable of puppies to cuddle with at night. Though you might not be the richest person, you’re absolutely comfortable in your space don’t need anyone (especially someone who only went to a community college) to tell you otherwise. Besides, they work full time at Starbucks, the fuck do they know? Right?

If you’re a person who believes that (and there’s a lot that do…yes, I’m looking at you), then this would be the grandest time for you to build the highest of bridges and get over yourself.

We tend to apply the meaning of privelege to those that have more than us monetarily and that of racial status, but what happens when you have privilege and you don’t even know it? A lot of us traditionally college educated young folk enter the “real world” with a chip on our shoulders; using all of our worldly experiences and long resumes of doing “stuff” to make an impression on those around us. Looking at your accomplishments, you feel immensely proud and several steps ahead of those that didn’t get to partake in those wonderful experiences.

There are plenty of instances where I read my twitter timeline and observe the comments being made on what it means to be successful. The slander that is thrown on people who work 50 hours a week at the rate of $10/hour or are working at a supermarket just to make it through night school, or (my favorite) a talented young artist trying to make their movement happen, is quite horrendous. When in reality, you’re working at a lousy entry level job with a salary and some vacation days saved up just passing the time…

Kids, I’m here to tell you today that in the real world, no matter what undergraduate program you graduated from, what country you taught natives the English language, or what club you were president of, the real world will STILL tell you that you’re not too good enough to work at Dunkin’ Donuts. Our generation is made up of self-righteous young adults that honestly, have no idea about their history, nor their social standing, and forget that they are merely a spec on graph of people that makes this world whole. Diminishing your peers because it’s not cool enough to support them doesn’t make you part of anything special and forgetting everything you were taught about your morals in the first place. You have a dream and goals for yourself; wouldn’t it be a shame if people treated you the way you treat them?

It’s time for all of us to grow up and stop beating each other down. Support your peers and elevate their goals by showing them that you rock with their movement. Because ultimately, your breath smells just as bad as the next person’s in the morning. We’re all just getting started here — find your humility and let that be the guide.

And if you don’t, I’m sure there will be that one person who is not as nice as me will gladly show you just how. Treat others the way you want to be treated and live better, hoe.


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