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What’s a Friendzone?: 7 Signs That Your “Bae” Doesn’t Know They’re Your “Bae”

We all have that one person that our mind constantly goes back to whenever you hear that fantastically irritating “All of Me” song.

You catch yourself delving in romantic thoughts of cuddling and moving conversations about life and love and your future about this person. While you find yourself smiling about all of the possibilities of romance, you look down and realize that your phone has yet to recieve a text from the love of your life. You, my friend, might be in what we call the Friendzone. Here’s how to tell:

1. You guys hang out but there’s no physical connect.

Yea you guys go out together, but could it really be called a date? Does he/she snuggle with you while you’re watching that movie on Netflix? Didn’t think so.

2. He/she feels comfortable telling you about someone else they’re interested in.

My favorite. They’re so comfortable with you in the Friendzone that they are okay letting you know about the next person they’re tryna smash and pass or actually wife up..even if it’s long distance.

3. Conversation becomes dull.

This is probably the most annoying part of finding out you’re in the Friendzone. Conversation used to be vibrant and you spoke about everything under the sun. Then you realize it’s like pulling teeth to get the other person to even ask you how your day was.

4. No one makes the move to take the other person out.

So the other person never wants to hang out with you? Do anything fun together? Grab drinks? You might be a sideline or they don’t care to be that close with you anymore.

5. Calls you “b” “homie” “bruh”.

This might be the biggest indicator. You don’t want the person you are trying to call your significant other calling you their friend, homie, bro/sis. The point is for you to be way more than that. You’re probably in the Friendzone, champ.

6. You don’t express feelings to each other.

….so you just don’t want to get out the Friendzone is what you’re saying.

7. They don’t know you exist.

Raise your hand if you have a bae that doesn’t know that they’re bae? In your mind y’all go together because he/she favorited one too many of your tweets, or they put heart eyes under your IG pic. Don’t be that guy who has a “him/her” that doesn’t know. Talk to them, take this off social media and build. You never know.

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