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Pet Peeves: Attention “Whores” and the Hypocrites Who Hate Them

This blog post is not responsible  for hurt feelings if you are offended by its content. If you are offended by the content of this post, then it must apply to you, and therefore you were meant to be offended.


I don’t know about you, but I love attention. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love attention for attention’s sake, but getting compliments or having people laugh at my jokes makes me happy. I don’t thrive on it nor do I go out of my way for these things to happen, but they do make me smile!


I am guilty of posting selfies and waiting until the next day to post photos so people will actually see them. Guilty! But I will tell you one thing of which I am NOT guilty: hypocritical attention “whoring,” for lack of a better word.


What do I mean by a hypocritical attention whore? I mean someone who intentionally posts something to get as much attention as they can, but criticizes someone who does the same. This statement alone makes me look like a hypocrite, so let me break it down a bit.


A girl posts a meme about how “likes” don’t pay her bills, how begging for attention is unattractive, etc. etc. Now this SAME GIRL posts a pic of just her ass the next day, as if she wasn’t just talking about “hoes” who love attention. I’m not calling the girl who posts a pic of her butt a hoe; if she wants to promote her assets, that’s her prerogative. But don’t you try to tell me for a second that the intent of that post was not to get attention and a ton of likes! The whole purpose of Instagram is to get likes, so do you, boo. Just don’t be all holier than thou and talk out both sides of your mouth when you are doing the exact. Same. Thing.


Listen, people: don’t try to make it seem like you are the exception to a culture of which you are clearly a part. You like to go out? Cool. Don’t you dare come at the next girl who goes out and gets more attention than you. You have a nice rack? Fantastic! But the second the next girl posts a photo of her boobs, she’s a whore. Please. Stop. Because you’re guilty too and a hypocrite.


Like I said, I’m not shaming people for expressing themselves. I don’t care if your social media is filled with photos of your boobs or photos of your cat (actual cat, like the pet). But for Yeezus sake, please let your ego and envy come down a few notches and realize that the “hoes” you’re calling out look a whole lot like yourself.


Read and be read, folks.


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