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Love & Relationships: 10 Things Girls with Guy Friends Will Understand

Yes, we still obsess about our outfits, hair, makeup, love lives – all of it. The only thing that makes us slightly different is the company we keep.  In addition to our girls’ nights full of gossip and fruity drink specials, we  also find ourselves “bro-ing”it out with the guys – sometimes more often than we realize.  The life of the us girls with close male friends is far from simple.  In this day and age, it is extremely difficult for people to grasp the concept of co-ed friendships. Here are 10 things that only girls with guys friends will understand:

1) You are forever mistaken for being the significant other.

This is something that you really can never escape.  If you are seen out with a male, on-lookers immediately assume you two are dating.  The more you are seen with your guy friend, the harder it is to explain the platonic relationship. I’ve had situations where I had to awkwardly explain to someone that I was NOT, nor did I want to ever be my friend’s girlfriend. When the stranger learned that my friend had a girlfriend and we were just out having beers and catching up, he ignored everything I had told him and still thought I was the side piece.  Yes, it was quite awkward.

2) Your actual significant other may take a while to fully trust the relationship.

Similar to the rest of the world, your close friendships with other males may be a foreign concept to your significant other.  Therefore, you are quite familiar with being questioned about how long you’ve known this person, what you do together, what you talk about, etc. Until he is 100% confident that your male friends have never tried to make a move on you, your boyfriend will take his time with warming up to your crew.

3) They are just as protective as any brother would be over his sister.

Watch what you say! Just because they are not your biological brother does not mean they will not humble the next man for disrespecting, violating, or just simply irritating you.  Just know that your closest male friends will always have your back – no matter what. So, even if you are slightly aggravated by something another guy said to you in passing and happen to voice it… just know, he has heard you, he does not approve, and he is coming for blood! In the wise words of Lil Jon, “Don’t start no sh*t, it won’t be no sh*t.”

4) Their girlfriends will never genuinely like you. Vice versa.

They may act like they like you, but in reality, you are their biggest threat. You are everything she is not, which pisses her off! Quite frankly, they cannot stand you.  The girlfriends only play nice to keep the drama to a bare minimum.  Other than that, she would have put the limitations on when you guys could hang out a long time ago.  However, her disdain is amusing because you aren’t really too fond of her either. You can’t quite put your finger on it but you know your friends can do better.  Hmph!

5) Families will prefer you over their son’s significant other and always remind you of it.

This is probably why the girlfriends don’t like you – they are well aware that at any given moment, your friends’ families would love to see you with him. It may be preference, it maybe comfort levels, but you are their favorite and they are not afraid to say it – out loud.

6) C*ck blocking. It happens

Because of the vortex called the Friend Zone, you do not find your male friends sexually attractive.  So, on nights when your girls are staying in and you decide to hit the town with the guys, cock blocking will occur – on both ends.  The cute guy standing at the end of the bar that you are sending your best bedroom eyes WILL NOT come talk to you for fear of discovering that one of the men you are hanging out with is in fact your boyfriend.  The cock-block comes full circle because the girl that your guy friend has spotted dancing with her girlfriends will not feel comfortable talking to him because, well, you! This cock block you aren’t too opposed to though.

7) You have become a “bro”, i.e. you frequently participate in binge drinking

Your liver will never be the same. Oh, and that nice little gut you developed, you can thank your friends for that!  Since you have closed on your condo in the Friend Zone, you are one of the bros, which means you participate in all “bro” activities.  This includes heavy drinking because well, you’d better keep up! There is no tapping out or taking it easy.  Your days of drinking like a lady are over! The rest of your girl friends consider you to be a tank with the amount of tolerance you have developed over time. You go girl!

8) Guilt strikes when you throw parties and realize the female : male ratio is off.

You love throwing get-togethers but every time, about 2 hours in, you realize that the ratio of male to female is completely off! Most of the people in your circle are of the male gender and the five ladies that you are friends with are either taken or have put the guys in the friend-zone just like you did! So, not only are you a cock-block, but you never bring any good, single girls over for the guys to meet.  How will they ever find someone this way?

9) Jealous females will forever label you a “hoe”, “slut”, “bitch” etc.

Ahh the jealous female. You are quite familiar with this type and have learned to brush off the rude remarks she makes.  For all you know, she could be the hoe she is trying to paint you out to be. Jealousy sure does have a way of revealing the truth.

10) You actually live that “drama-free” life a lot of girls claim to live

Many girls talk about how they “hate drama” which serves as an explanation for their lack of female friends.  This, you can relate with; however you notice that those girls’ lives don’t really fit the description. They are distinctively the people running around starting the childish drama and quite frankly, that is why they don’t have female friends. Not because they have found that males live more drama-free lifestyles.  You have come to learn that you live the life that most girls dream about and for that, you are happy!

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3 Comments on Love & Relationships: 10 Things Girls with Guy Friends Will Understand

  1. Everything in this piece is true. Majority of my female friends have been in each scenario.

  2. In BB terms: this is a 3-pointer! Can remember all of it way too well…

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