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Lifestyle: How to NOT Be a Tacky Mourner on Social Media

I have been writing poetry since the fourth grade, mainly in part to being read “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou in English class. When one of the greatest writers, speakers, and human beings passed away on May 28, I was at home sick with the flu. This, of course, led to me following social media all day and shaking my head at all of the tasteless commentary on Ms Angelou’s death.


Because I care about you all and want you to lead lives that are us un-tacky as possible, here are a few tips on how NOT to react on social media when a legend passes away:


1. Do NOT use a hashtag such as #wcw, #tbt, #fbf, etc…

Really? REALLY?! So, you’re going to make Maya Angelou your “woman crush wednesday” because she just so happened to pass on a Wednesday? REALLY?! Just don’t, please.


2. Do NOT use a quote by said famous person on a selfie

Some people love selfies, and some people hate selfies. One thing is unanimous: it is tacky to use a quote by someone who JUST died on a photo of your face. No, no, no. Not in my house.


3. Do NOT call people “bandwagon mourners”

Sure, you’ve never seen a follower post anything about someone who passed until the day that person died, but that does not mean they are jumping on a bandwagon. Be respectful. If someone posts a quick RIP, nod your head and keep it moving.


4. Do NOT post any disrespectful memes, gifs, etc….

I am not easily offended, but using someone as profound as Maya Angelou in the same sentence with the word “thot” needs to go. Can’t you guys at least wait until people are laid to rest?!

People, have a little bit of tact and be respectful. #RIP


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